Major Tourist Attractions in Varkala
Papanasham Cliff Beach
Papanasham Cliff and beach
At the serene Varkala Beach is a quiet sea resort rich in mineral water springs. A dip in the holy waters at the beach is believed to purge the body of impurities and the soul of all sins; hence the name 'Papanasham Beach'.
Janardhna Swamy Temple
Sree Janardhana Swamy Temple
Varkala is also famous for the 2,000 Year Old Sree Janardana Swami Temple which is an important Vaishnavaite shrine in India and is often referred to as Dakshin Kashi (Benares of the South). The temple is located close to the Papanasam Beach.
Sivagiri Mutt
Sivagiri Mutt
Sivagiri Mutt is a famous ashram in Varkala, founded by the philosopher and social reformer Sree Narayana Guru. Sree Narayana Guru's tomb is also located here. The Samadhi (the final resting place) of the Guru here attracts thousands of devotees every year during the Sivagiri Pilgrimage days 30 December to 1 January.
Varkala Tunnel
Varkala Tunnel
The tale of Varkala is incomplete without the great Varkala Tunnel, popularly known as 'Varkala Thurappu'. The construction of the 924 ft long tunnel began in 1867 under the supervision of Divan T. Mahadeva Rao of Travancore. It was completed in 1880, at the time of Divan Sheshaya Sasthri. The tunnel was extensively used for ferrying of several kind of goods.
Narayana Gurukulam
East West University
Dr. P. Natarajan, the prime disciple and interpreter of Sree Narayana Guru to world, had worked as Faculty in many European Universities before renouncing and adopting his new name Nataraja Guru as a Sanyasin. He established the Narayana Gurukulam & East West University of Brahmavidhya in Varkala to impart quality education in unitive god philosophy, in ‘Stay-n-Study' ashram style.
Ponnumthuruth Island
Golden Island
Ponnumthuruth Island is just a few minutes by country boat from the main land and about half an hour drive from Varkala, in the same direction as Anjengo. The centre-piece of attraction in the island is an old Shiva and Parvathy temple which is very famous. A ride on the country boat itself is amusing. On the way back you can see a lot of coir weaving centers.
Anjengo Fort
Anjengo Fort
Anjengo Fort is a fort near varkala. It is a place of historic importance as well as beautiful natural setting. Anjengo is an ideal destination for those who don't mind walking around and explore what is in store. The historic significance tagged to Anjengo comes through foreign powers like the Portuguese, the Dutch and finally the English East India Company.
Kappil Lake
Kappil Beach and Lake
Kappil Lake is about 4 kilometers (2.5 mi) north of Varkala Town. This serene estuary meanders through dense coconut groves before merging into the Arabian Sea. The bridge over the lake is quite a vantage point to view the backwater stretching white and grey to the distant blue horizon. Boating is another great way to browse this tranquil waterway.